Guide to Using Slides in the Virtual Training Centre (VTC)

This guide aims to provide comprehensive instructions for new members of Virtual Training Centre (VTC) on uploading slides and effectively incorporating them into their training sessions. It is tailored for new members of the VTC who are unfamiliar with the process of uploading and using slides in their training sessions. 

While some trainers find slides to be a valuable aid in delivering instruction, others prefer a more interactive approach, relying on verbal communication and hands-on activities. It's important to note that the VTC accommodates both approaches, allowing trainers to seamlessly integrate slides with interactive activities, exercises, and experiences. Whether you choose to use slides exclusively, incorporate interactive elements, or blend both approaches, the VTC provides the platform and support for a diverse range of training styles

1. Creating Slide Decks

Before moving on to the VTC platform, it's essential to have your slide deck ready. Use your preferred presentiona software, i.e. Google Sheets, Keynote, or PowerPoint to craft your presentation. There are two common methods for exporting your slides:

a. Export as PDF: This method entails exporting each slide onto a separate page in landscape orientation. This format is highly recommended for its ease of viewing and compatibility with various devices. Ensure that your slides are optimised for web viewing when you export, this is usually an option in the Export Dialog. 

b. Export as Images: Alternatively, you can export your slides as individual images and compress them into a .zip file. 

2. Uploading Slides to the VTC: Follow these steps to upload your slides to the VTC:

a. Go to your Account page in the VTC.
b. Navigate to the course from the course list.
c. Wait for the course details page to load.
d. Select "Course Slides" from the menu on the left-hand side.
e. Click the browse button to open the file dialog and select the file you created.
f. Click the "Upload" button and wait for the file to be uploaded.
g. Select "Course Details" from the left-hand menu and ensure that "Use Slides" is checked. Even if you've uploaded slides, you still need to turn them on for your course. This allows for flexibility in when and where you use them.

3. Viewing Slides During Training

During training sessions, participants can view slides in two ways:

a. Presenter-Controlled Slides: In the "Slides" tab on the menu bar, slides are controlled by the presenter. Participants' view of these slides will be synchronized as the presenter navigates through them using the navigation controls.

b. Participant-Controlled Slides: Participants can privately navigate to and view other slides without affecting anyone else's view. These slides are accessed through the "My Slides" tab on the menu bar.

By following these steps, members of the VTC can seamlessly upload and use slides to use during their training sessions. 

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